The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2020 You Need to Know About
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The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2020 You Need to Know About

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As an Australian designer that lovingly handcrafts every bespoke wedding gown in our atelier in Melbourne, I am able to source exclusive fabrics and embellishments to ensure every Bernadette Pimenta Couture bride wears a bespoke wedding gown that suits their personality while keeping on trend. 


Being in the wedding industry for over 30 years, I have seen many wedding trends come and go, but what has been consistent over the years is adapting the trends to reflect a Bride’s personality. 


Continue reading my insights on the top 5 wedding dress trends of 2020: 


Less is More 


Brides are preferring gowns with textured and plain fabrics as it allows for the creation of a gown that is both timeless and modern. 


I work a lot with Mikado and Zibeline fabrics, which while providing structure to a gown without adding weight, they are soft to the touch and allow fluid movement. Textured fabrics have become very popular over the last couple of seasons as they provide detail to a wedding gown without the need to add embellishments. This allows the design line to be the main feature. 



Plunging necklines and exposed corsetry


Gone are the days where Brides felt their wedding dresses needed to be modest. Necklines have gradually become more plunging and while corsetry has always been an integral part of constructing couture wedding dresses, they have now become a prominent design feature. 


Lingerie inspired corsetry and plunging necklines are able to be paired up with a myriad of options, from the most voluminous skirt to the sleekest figure-hugging wedding gown. 





For brides who have always envisioned a glamourous and extravagant designer wedding dress…Sparkles are the way to go! 


If you are all about opulence for your wedding dress, glittering paillettes is the option for you. Our collection includes a large range of hand-beaded sequin and Swarovski crystal wedding gowns. I ensure that the design of the beading is personalised to compliment the Bride and her body shape.





Whether in the centre, side or overlapped, splits are here to stay. They can add an interesting feature to the simplest of wedding gowns and can be demure and subtle or risqué and fun. For those Brides that want to showcase a statement shoe, a split is the perfect way to ensure it doesn’t go unnoticed. Splits are so versatile and can be incorporated in any style of gown.



Statement Backs


Barely there backs are to die for…Whether they are a draping cowl, keyhole or totally backless! My first collection featured a heavy silk bias gown with the main feature being a cowl back and this is a trend that has lasted through the years. 


Almost every bride I meet, requests a low back on their gown and this is possible due to me being able to change the bodice construction to ensure that the wedding gown is able to stay up with a low back. 





Even though trends are ever evolving, never feel the pressure to follow a trend. Your wedding gown will be unique and will reflect you, your personality and style.


Xx Bernadette


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Creative Direction- Melissa Maier


Photography Jessica Rose Photography


Makeup – Joanna Blair


Hair  Victoria MUA- 


Floral Design and Styling – Laurel and Design 


Jewellery  Jeanette Maree –


Models – Brazen


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