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Stephanie & Khishann

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I met Khishaan about nine years ago in 2009 – he was incredibly shy and nervous. He rode his bike 15km to meet me. He had a ridiculously huge smile with a massive overbite and despite his glasses he couldn’t quite look me in the eye. I knew then I’d have to keep him around, I mean the guy can’t frown, even if he tried and I thought that maybe if he’s short-sighted, he’d only have eyes for me. He became my best friend then and still is to this day.


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Khishaan proposed to me on a yacht on a sunset cruise in Gold Coast, Queensland.  Prior to our holiday he had organised a lot of tourist tickets for tours, theme parks, etc. When he told me we were going on a cruise as well, I was imagining a tourist sightseeing ferry with a group of people. Little did I know he had planned a yacht for just the two of us. He always told me I would get a burger ring instead of a diamond if he was to ever pop the question and after enjoying the scenery, drinking champagne and eating from a platter of delicious food, out came a bowl of burger rings. He knelt down at the front of the yacht holding a burger ring and I started to laugh and then began to cry – and out from his pocket he revealed the most beautiful ring I have ever seen that he designed just for me, a gold halo engraved band with a diamond surrounded by twenty sapphire stones. He knew I wouldn’t remember a word of what he was saying through my tears so he made me a book of what he said during the proposal, summarising our relationship. I was in disbelief then and still can’t believe I now get to call him my husband.


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I find it really difficult to find clothes with my body type, so I knew right away that I was going to get a dress made. I visited a few places to work out what style I preferred and then went straight to Bernadette Pimenta to get a custom dress made.  I was in disbelief when she told me I wouldn’t have to wear a bra – actually I’m still shocked about that! It was one of the best decisions I made to ask her to make my dress for me; I really wish Bernadette could make all my clothes!


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Bernadette and Sasha really are angels on earth and I couldn’t believe Bernadette was able to make a dress so beautiful that fit me perfectly. Loved every minute of working through my design, choosing the right lace and fabric and my fittings!


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Khishaan and I had two wedding ceremonies and reception. The first was our Hindu wedding ceremony held at Ferny Creek Recreational Reserve Hall in Sassafras, it’s an extremely cute retro hall nestled between many beautiful tall trees. As soon as we first visited we knew it would be the perfect venue for an intimate and relaxed ceremony. Our second was our Catholic wedding ceremony was at St. Kevin’s Catholic Church in Hampton Park. My parents got married in the same church back in 1992. It was so special and sentimental being able to get married and say our vows in the same church as my parents.

Our reception venue was The Park, in Albert Park. Having a guest list of 300 people, our venue was the perfect size; it’s situated beautifully next to Albert Park Lake and has stunning chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The staff at the venue were incredibly accommodating and we knew it was the venue for us as soon as we first visited.


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It’s really hard to pick a favourite moment from my wedding.  I loved dressing up in traditional Indian attire for the first time and seeing all our guests dress up too, receiving a video from my husband on the morning of my wedding of him playing guitar and singing for me, having my three sisters and sister-in-law as my bridesmaids, my mum and sisters faces when they saw me in my wedding dress, walking down the aisle with my dad in the same place he got married, seeing my husband at the church, entering the reception venue with an elephant (stilt walking elephant that shocked our guests), our first dance to ‘Honeymoon’ by Johnny Stimson, our dance floor being completely full the entire night, gifting two puppies to my husband as a surprise during my speech, and the feedback and love from our guests. That’s just a few of my many favourite moments.


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We planned our entire wedding around our guests and making it as enjoyable as it can be for them, and through being honest and seeing their happiness, it really made our wedding the most wonderful and surreal time of our lives. My only advice would be to be yourself and enjoy the day and to not let the wedding day distract you from the marriage you are gifted with for a lifetime.


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Photographer:  Elleni Toumpas


Videographer: Nathan Kaso


Ceremony Venues:

Ferny Creek Recreational Reserve Hall, Sassafras and St. Kevin’s Catholic Church, Hampton Park


Reception Venues: The Park, Albert Park


Flowers: Levian Events


Cake: Creme de la Cakes


Hair: Hair & Beauty Gossip…


Makeup: Hasnaa Maboub


Lighting and Sounds: Synergy Events


Entertainment: The Baker Boys



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