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Brittany & Marko

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We met in Mackay; I was up visiting my best friend who was working in Mackay, who was going through a rough break-up with her boyfriend, when I met Marko.

He came down to Brisbane the following week, and we continued to travel back and forth. On my birthday  two months later, Marko moved to Brisbane with his dog Zorro.


Marko surprised me with a trip to Europe—we had talked about going to see the Northern Lights on our first date, and especially about staying in the glass igloos.  Marko tried to organise this as  a surprise, but it was booked out five years in advance; therefore, he continued to call, just to check and while he was on the phone a cancellation came through, so he managed to book the most amazing trip together in a short space of time and proposed in front of our glass igloo under the Northern Lights, with a snowflake-shaped ring he had designed.


I knew I found the dress the minute it was shown to me. However, it was the help and kindness from Bernadette, Cherisse & Sasha, that made me feel like family, which made me know straight away this was THE dress.  I had no idea what I was after, but had ideas of things I didn’t like; however, I knew straight away—when I tried it on, I knew that was the one and was so relieved to have found such a perfect dress! I fell more and more in love with it every time I saw it at fittings, especially as it got closer to the wedding and all the finishing touches were done.



My experience was UNBELIEVABLE!!!  It was the warmth and helpful nature of Bernadette, Sasha & Cherisse that made my experience so amazing.  I had no idea what I was wanting; however, they were so willing to figure out what I wanted and immediately found my dream dress.  Given I was working away from Melbourne until the day before my wedding, they were so helpful in organizing fittings around my schedule and availability.  I also requested that my initials and wedding date be somehow incorporated into the gown, Bernadette hand embroidered my request to perfection.   I cannot recommend them enough, especially their lovely nature which made me feel like I was dealing with family, something that was important to me.



Given we had a lot of friends and families visiting from interstate and overseas, we wanted a venue that was convenient to the city and airport to make it easier for those who didn’t know Melbourne well.  We loved the name (“All Smiles”) and knew it was perfect for us; however, because we were living in Queensland we weren’t able to view the venue until we arrived on the day but we knew it would be perfect because we would have all our friends and family celebrating. We were so happy to arrive on the day to see how perfect the venue was for us.  It was intimate, but elegant and we had a beautiful sunset over Melbourne as the night kicked on.


Enjoy every second!! It is easy to say afterwards, and everyone says it—however, it all goes so quickly!  The wedding is not what is important in the long run, it is the relationships with friends and family and celebrating the love between you and your new husband—the little details, no one will ever remember, may not even notice and there is no point in stressing over those things!




Photographer: Liane Hurvitz


Videographer: Idan Malka Video & Photography


Venue: All Smiles, Docklands


Cake: Butterbing


Hair: Runway Room, Hampton


Makeup: Runway Room, Hampton


Entertainment: Baker Boys


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